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  • Why doesn't the list of available theme parks include all parks?
    We aren't there yet. We plan to publish as many packages as possible. But the creation of a theme park package is a complex process. We try to add five to ten packages every year.
  • Will InPark be sufficient, if I plan to visit a theme park?
    InPark is a useful helper, but in spite of our intention to be up to date all the time, the software can't replace all further information you get on the homepage or at the entrance of the parks. There are always changes on a daily basis, e.g. regarding the shows, the attractions, and the service points. Our software is understood as a supplement to conventional information.
  • How do you get the wait times?
    Waiting times are provided by other users. We've been asked why we don't get the times directly from the park owners - most of them collect the data digitally. Our answer: they don't share this data. Therefore we ask all our users to submit as many wait times as possible - and to tell everybody about InPark, people you meet in the parks as well as your friends.
  • How precise is the navigation in the park?
    This depends on the accuracy of the location service of your device. The deviation shouldn't exceed 5 meters. Using the iPod touch, we have made the experience of greater deviation. This can lead to problems in navigation - the program has no influence on that. But this does not affect the nominal tour plan, because this works with fixed GPS data. Your position might be shown at a wrong place.
  • Does InPark need access to the web all the time?
    Most of InPark's functions don't need the internet, as soon as all park data is downloaded. But for several functions you need to be online, e.g. the waiting times, the additional pictures and the Google satellite map. In the "settings" menu you can manually enable and disable web access for various scenarios. Many parks provide wireless LAN - either at special points or throughout the park. Please check their websites and the map information for details.
  • How current are the theme park data of InPark?
    We make an effort to keep the data up to date and correct. Thanks to the outsourcing of the theme park packages, changes can be updated regularly (the device must be online in that case). The download menu shows if there is a new version. We always try to refresh our data in the parks, but we are also dependent on the information of users and the park operator. Thus, there might be delays.
  • Can the users contribute to the currentness of data?
    Please tell us about all mistakes you find using InPark. Wrong or old attractions, photos, names, opening hours, ticket prices - we try to correct the mistakes as soon as we learn about them.
  • Can users contribute photos?
    We can't be on site at any time, even if there are major changes (new attractions, etc.). In this case we would be glad to receive current photos. If you should send us a photo, please don't forget to include a declaration of agreement for the publication, and a declaration that you are author or right owner of the material. We will be happy to mention the name of the photographer / copyright-owner, but we are not able to pay a fee.